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Testimonials are written by athletes, parents, and coaches

"I went to Matt thinking he’d just help me be a better athlete, but he’s done so much more than that. I struggled with anxiety and confidence on and off the field, but Matt’s helped me reach new goals and learn more about myself than I thought was possible. My faith is also really important to me and it was so refreshing and encouraging that Matt could talk to me about his faith in Jesus, too. He was relatable and encouraging and I feel like I can play sports and go to school and just live my life with so much more confidence now. Highly recommend meeting with Matt, you’ll be a better athlete and person because of it!"

-College Athlete

"I would highly recommend Matt Crawford! He has worked wonders with one of my athletes. This player was a player who was never satisfied. Like many volleyball players, she could hit 99 balls straight down while hitting one off the back wall. She would focus and dwell on the one bad one. In my mind, this player has all the potential in the world. To me, her lack of mental strength was all that was holding her back. After meeting with Matt and subsequently working with Matt, her game has completely changed. As a matter of fact, her team had much success this season at the national championship and she told me, “I owe it all to Matt!” I would highly recommend any athlete who struggles with mental strength to work with Matt. The best compliment I could give someone is whether I would have my child work with that professional. I can say emphatically, I would have my child work with Matt!"

-Coach of High School Athlete

"Matt Crawford had elevated my baseball career in so many ways. He taught me all about the mental side of the sport and honestly elevated my game in so many ways. He helped take me from an average to above average player to an elite player. The way he provides this approach to the sport is so much more beneficial than you can imagine. I would highly recommend his teachings for any athlete out there!"

-College Athlete

"Crawford Performance Consulting should be the first choice for high school, college, and professional athletes across the country looking to take their game to the next level. I will be the first person to attest for Matt and the practices of Crawford Performance Consulting. When I first met Matt, I was just an “okay” athlete and baseball player. My mental game and inner self talk were bad. Because of this, I was one of the worst players on our team. With the help of Matt and his practices, I was able to become a great baseball player and eventually an NCAA All-American not because I became more talented, but because I was able to master my mental game and thought process on and off the field with the help of Crawford Performance Consulting. I now “run towards giants” without a second thought, and highly recommend Crawford Performance Consulting to other athletes of all levels to do the same."

-College Athlete

"My son Chris really enjoyed his sessions with Matt. He was going thru a very difficult time in his high school baseball career, and Matt was a huge part in helping him put things in perspective. These talks made Chris mentally stronger on and off the baseball field. As a parent, I was very happy to find someone like Matt to help Chris thru his challenges. I highly recommend his services!"

-Parent of Athlete

"My experience Matt Crawford was so helpful for my development as a college athlete. I struggled a lot with mental pressure as a college pitcher, and with Matt I was able to find the problem and the core roots of the issues I was having. It helps speed up that process of mental strength, obviously we all struggle to an extent and there is no quick solution. But Matt will help you so much take your game to the next level. Someone who can relate to what you experienced is huge so with his ability to relate helps the process. I was very skeptical of things prior to meeting him, but I would highly recommend him."

-College Athlete

"Our only regret is that we didn’t talk to Matt sooner. Our sons play competitive soccer and basketball. Sometimes, a kid just needs some encouragement from someone other than a parent or coach. Matt listens and helps players flip the script, so they can build mental strength and cope with the pressures of competition and college recruitment."

-Parent of two athletes

"As an athlete, I have learned that the most important part of my game is my mental preparation. After spending time with Matt I have not only seen huge gains in confidence on the field, but I have once again found a love for the game. Even more, Matt’s strategies have been applicable outside of baseball and have changed my life for the better. I am beyond thankful for the work he has done with me and will continue to work with him to improve my game and my life. Thanks again, Matt."

-College Athlete

"Mentally I was going through a tough time in my sport. Matt helped me get back on the right track and get in the right head space to compete. This really upped my game. Much of his advice was Biblical and Christ focused which I really appreciated as well."

-College Athlete

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