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My name is Brianna Stinnett and I am a former student-athlete at Rogers State University! I was a part of our cross-country and track teams. I received my Bachelor’s in Sports Management with a minor in Psychology. Currently I am pursuing a Master’s degree in community counseling. My plan is to become a Sport Psychologist. I have been active in sports my entire life and they have played a large part in who I am today! For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a coach. Up until about two years ago I realized I only wanted to be a coach for the mental aspects of coaching, not so much the training aspects. Something I'm really interested in is learning how to incorporate my faith while helping athletes reach their full potential. Learning how to bring God into everything I do has really helped me in my sport and every other area of my life. My goal is to use my experiences to help others while also learning from them throughout the process of working together.


I love to run. Running has always had my heart and I'm thankful everyday that God blessed me with this gift. Some other things I enjoy doing are indoor rock climbing, being outside and spending time with my dogs, and crafting! 


I am confident that this internship will help me grow in my faith and provide reassurance that sport psychology is what I am passionate about! I am super excited to work and learn from Matt.

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Brianna Stinnett
Current Intern Summer 2024

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