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"I stood before the David, shocked at the anger in his eyes.
Goliath never stood a chance." -Phil Knight

The story of David and Goliath is one of the most misused stories in sports. When coaches, players, or the media reference this Biblical battle, they are most often alluding to when a team or individual is clearly outmatched. The “lesser” half of this matchup may not be as big, strong, talented, or as experienced as their big, bad, skilled counterparts.

But most people get the story wrong. David didn't just defeat Goliath, he ran full speed towards the giant with full intention of victory.

This is the type of mindset I want to facilitate: the David mentality. These are the athletes who refuse to let outside distractions negatively impact them, the competitors that are goal-driven, and determined to pursue greatness. The individuals who do not run away from adversity or challenges; those who run toward giants.
If the athlete does not have their own David mentality yet, fine; let's get there together. I want to help them achieve that warrior attitude by forming a strong relationship and creating a personalized strategy to compete at their highest level.
Our goal is to provide high quality sport psychology services to athletes of all ages, levels of competition, and cultures at an affordable price.

I want to help you Run Toward Giants.

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